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My favorite recess activities sandbags between classes by fdjerue7eeu


									My favorite recess activities sandbags recess

 favorite recess activities sandbags

 My favorite recess activity

  I like The Break Activity
  Pinghu 301 East Lake Primary Class Bi Xiaoshen
  I like a lot of activities during recess. A jump rope, play basketball, bad at ping ... ... I
like throwing sandbags.

  bean bag throwing games, I play Deqi Jin. 2 packet loss have to use sign language to
imply the other. Sometimes bogus action. When they began fierce power, I will hide
one side, eyes narrowed on who told them to do! No squinting too often that I have
tips, sandbags from the hands, I will first go to one side, so as not to missed. What
more can I, or I would be to drop the.

 Instructor: Chunhua

 Submission :2005-4-1212: 54:31
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