My favorite autumn fall corn

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					I like the autumn fall corn

 favorite autumn apple corn

 I like the autumn

 I like the autumn
 Chenggu Shaanxi Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province, Shaanxi three years of flying a
small group of Zhang Xin
 I like to fall, why? Because fall is the season of harvest.

 fall, apples ripen. Millet lowered his head and sorghum are also tired knees.
Delicious sweet and sour grapes, pears too lazy ....... ocean's out come.
chrysanthemum in full bloom, yellow. white. powders .........

  corn had long beards. tracts of leaves falling. all dressed up earth things - trees.
flowers. ...... and so on maize seedlings almost all disappeared.

 chilly autumn wind has, people feel fresh. In the autumn half-over, under corn.
wheat fall ........ blew a farewell song. I do not want to fall away.

 fall have passed since, but I still prefer the fall, Autumn is the season that the most
beautiful. Every time I began eating apples, I would think of the beautiful. happy.
selfless fall.

 these are the reasons I like autumn.
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