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					Motorcycle and bicycle Changsha motorcycle

 motor cycle Changsha cowardly

 motorcycle and bicycle

 motorcycle and bicycle
 Changsha Mayor Shashi Dongfeng Primary School with a group of four
 bicycle shed has two cars, one is a motorcycle, a bicycle is. Motorcycles are very
proud of, and often ridiculed cycling.

 as long as a case of cycling, it will be arrogant to say: "Do you dare to do my race?"

 "do not dare, Dear Mr. Motorcycle." Bicycle modestly says.

 "cowardly thing, really timid as a mouse ah! Ha ha!" Said motorcycle is more

 bicycle argued that: "Although you run faster than me, but I also have a place better
than you, for example, one, I could not exhaust row, second, I do not need petrol, 3, I
can exercise. which is something you can not do it? "

" Well, as long as it is now run faster car. You should not even think it useless to use
your benefits to cover up your weakness ! people will soon abandon you! like I never
kept. "motorcycle more angrily.

 Since then the two of them have never spoken to.

 later once they go out and adventure, to a place where no human habitation, the
motorcycle suddenly out of gas, it is anxious, bicycle, said: "I towed you go." So,
cycling went to great lengths to motorcycle drag it back.

 on the road, motorcycle still think I used to like him, today he is not able to
remember the hatchet my way back, then I can not do it to him.

 From then on, the two of them into a pair of very good friends.

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