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Moon moon mother


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									Moon Mother moon

 full moon in the mother side of the moon,

 full moon

 full moon Fangchenggang City, Guangxi Fangchenggang City Experimental Primary
School 3 three classes per grade Wu Meng Jin-
 on August 15 night, after dinner, I and my father, my mother went to Bay Plaza to
celebrate the peach.

  We went to the Peach Blossom Bay Plaza, I saw the square crowded with people and
excitement. We are walking up walking up, suddenly, I saw my good friend Octavia
Martin, our family, and they found a piece of empty space for a lawn and sat down,
we all come up with a drink, moon cake, fruit and other food. We eat moon cake,
while the full moon. 15 round the moon really ah! I saw the moon hanging in the sky
like a big moon cake gold gold, beautiful great! Then I could not help but think of the
child mother taught me a nursery rhyme "moon moon clearly, walking bring great
fried, bite walked to the finished end of next month 15 and round up ... ...."

  Yan Octavia I play for a while, my mother said to me, "We go around you?" I said:
"All right!" We put the "incense of the Lotus Lantern" walked Tour month, I seemed
to see there are three small black spot on the moon, it is Chang E, Wu Gang, and the
rabbit, right? I told her: "Mom, I would like to invite Chang, Wu Gang, and the rabbit
to play our world." My mother said: "Yes, and other skills you learn, and grow up able
to fly to the moon to invite her ( He) (it) have a. "At this time, I like that they have to
fly to heaven, but also, and Chang, Wu Gang, rabbit play with together!

  approaching 23:00, and the square is very lively, because the next day to go to
school, Mom told us to go home, I reluctantly left the square, which is the moon has
risen very high, and the moon rose more smaller and smaller.

 night of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is really a fun night ah!

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