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									Adventures of the Moon Moon Moon

 Moon Adventures of the Space Shuttle immediately

 Moon Adventures

 Moon Adventures
 Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, experimental Primary Four (4) Class Chen
 This is my happiest day because I want to take the shuttle to the moon exploration. I
went to the launch of China Aerospace Centre, multiplied by the space shuttle
"Shenzhou VII." Wow, there are many scattered shuttle weapons and a space suit; I
put on spacesuits and to fight with weapons, put up the hotline number one Overlord
gun, the edge of a manual: this gun in one second within minutes to a reinforced
concrete building into ashes, can destroy a tank gun, two effects can be used
simultaneously. I am shocked.

 this time, the shuttle has been less than 80 meters away from the moon, and the
aircraft suddenly broke down. I'll start the quick repair of equipment and investigation
unit, originally a fuel tank leak. I'll put the space shuttle landed on the moon. I took
the gun down the space shuttle. One out of the door, I was floating, and go one step
further with 4,5 meters. Hey, if I can be on earth so that I'm yours long jump
champion. I rushed out of water fast glue to glue to the tank coating gap, the glue dry

  I have done this later turned round to see a few things, no, hundreds. I thought: this
is probably UFO, UFO seems also found me a UFO launching lightning to me, I
immediately fired a shot to the lightning, thunder and lightning was gone, turned into
a beam of light aircraft quickly Xiangna UFO shoot, UFO still do not understand that
frame how the matter will be blown up and torn apart. The rest of the UFO suddenly
scatter to, continuous emission lightning to me, I quickly ran into the shuttle. Lei
Chen did not think I have to get out of the shuttle was. I only got one hand a special
cloak, hastily dressed to the body. Lightning continued to shoot me, and I thought this
time I dead. Unexpectedly, I am not only not dead, also heard the "bang, bang, bang"
sound, I looked up and - wow, how is it? How those who started exploding UFO?
Originally, I put on a "back fire cape." So I cloak was more tightly, and his gun shot to
the rest of the UFO ... ... just finished here, I have not enough time to relax, far away
again a large number of UFO, there are at least 9000, I hurried shot. However, UFO
too much, they are also issued by lightning, I curled, like a hedgehog, like, with their
backs on. However, so much thunder and lightning, and my "back fire cape to" get
even, lightning though without a trace, and I go back to scratching and scrambling
about the space shuttle, two of my left hand touched the torch, right hand extended to
a round thing gone. It turned out that the round thing is the "air gun", and two torch is
a "narrowing the light", the other is "Zoom lanterns." I quickly ran out of the space
shuttle, with "light amplification" to "air cannon" to enlarge, and a launch, most of the
UFO have been wiped out, leaving only about 100 UFO, and I use the "narrow light"
to narrow the UFO , and then launch an "air cannon", the whole was destroyed.

, however, did not last long, distance has a large number of aliens coming to ground
forces, a dense mass of, because there were too many, like ants moving. Well, just to
solve their "Air Force", again the "Army" really bad luck. In that team back, there are
some things the same as the Beetle, it is probably their tanks. Indeed is the case, they
opened fire to me together, I picked up a handy little gun fight back, some aliens fell,
I saw his use of "shock gun", I continued to aliens shooting, until those "ants" all
fixed. I use a large "air gun" hit a few fat, those "ants" all Zhenfei up. At this time,
tanks come, and I quickly picked up a hand gun, wearing a fire cape back, rushed
tanks. I put a mobile artillery in the shoulder while firing while running, I think he is a
hero on the battlefield. Tanks have begun to fight back, because fire cape back, shells
and some is reflected elsewhere went; some back to reach all parts of the original
position, hit its own; some back to reach all parts of its companions there, but helped
me a favor It is to wipe out a. At the end, the tank was finally wiped out one by one.

  sudden I thought there might be base, I would use the drilling machine on the moon,
Earth drilling a hole in the shuttle on the moon draws the energy, I drove past the
shuttle toward aliens fled in the direction, and she found a base for. I quickly landed in
depression, not easy to find the place, out of mobile hotline Overlord guns, their
ammunition secretly slipped into the library, and found dozens of mines, a large
number of explosives. I landmines buried around the base (including the ammunition
storage), the location along the buried mines and scattering of explosives and the
explosives shed from the base carefully to the edge of my space shuttle. Suddenly a
team patrolling soldiers, I fear that they found explosives, weapons and would not
hesitate to destroy them out at the same time, when I launch the space shuttle that I lit
the dynamite ... ...

 when My space shuttle flew over time, came the rumbling of explosions, alien bases
on the moon surrounded by a sea of fire ... ... I drove the shuttle circled for a while,
the following has been no movement, it seems that aliens were all wiped out, and I
also drove the successful space shuttle returned to Earth.

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