Moon Moon Lantern Festival 15 by fdjerue7eeu


									Fifteenth day of the moon moon 十五

 fifteenth moon, the earth

 fifteenth day of the moon

 fifteenth day of the moon
 Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, Heilongjiang Jiamusi good school to four years,
four classes of large land is often said of Yao
 fifteenth day of the moon is beautiful, I am a little skeptical, so he went to the
window want to appreciate the fifteenth day of Just how the U.S. Moon.

 window in the night sky is azure blue, the stars shining little sparse Hanguang,
rubber may want to Biyi Bi with the moon bright in the end who is. First, golden
moon, and slowly through the locks of a Smoke-like clouds, up, up again. She was
wearing a white Sha Yi, demure and quiet, gentle and generous. Her jade plate-like
face, wearing a modest smile, quietly watching the earth.

 several flower silver-gray, thin clouds around in her side and a thin veil dancing like
a fairy dance.

 moon quietly sprinkling water as the earth, Xiang Shui to spread a lot of coins on the
ground, earth, everything bathed in silver light among the dim light shrouded in a

 ah, this is a fantastic beauty! Dim the people enchanted.

 moonlight was bright and clear, full moon in the sky. Looking at the full moon, I
miss from not around the mother, can not help but silent song from the "people have
sorrow and joy have Teenage moon and new moon, this incident hardly full. Nung,
thousands of miles of cicadas Juan.".

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