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 joy Montreal Xiangtan City, Hunan Province, peace 158 fourth grade class Xiao
 Guilin, this summer I went to play music round the floor, there can be fun.

 Guilin music before listening to her that the floor fun is Disneyland, I always wanted
to go. This summer my mother took me to the floor to the music, I am pleased to
Montreal Feng Pao, the original "Music in Montreal," the name is probably taken it
this way.

  music to Montreal, which looked at an array, a wide range of play equipment, I am
happy beyond words to describe! I first mounted a pirate ship, then it jumped into the
bumper cars, also got into the high speed dynamic movie screen, put themselves in a
dynamic cinema, with film images with rotation, the kind of true feelings for you
particularly exciting. But the airship is still my favorite surf. Airship climbed to
five-storey building sitting height, and then dive into the water by gravity to
accelerate and then set off three-story high waves that stimulate the soul-stirring
excitement I forget! Mother called very terror, something I did not, eyes open Look at
the waves set off walking towards me, that beautiful feeling of truth in the sea and

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