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 mom hair is bubble

 to the mother shampoo

 to shampoo
 mother of Shaanxi Province Bureau of Ankang Hydropower three children of one
school, 3 (5) Class Luo Yuan Kun

 at home, my mother's pride and joy, what chores did not leave me dry, and
sometimes I wanted to do, Mom always said I could too small. I think I want the real
proof of her mother know that I grew up. It nice to ah! One day, my mother hand Hua,
and can not see water, I saw my mother is his head sweat, they said to his mother:
"Mom, I'll wash turning back now!" Mom looked at me skeptical, saying: "You can
do it? "" do it, you'll believe me again! "I am very firm answer, then, my mother and I
went into the bathroom, the water to touch a hand touched a little, water is not hot nor
cold, so I give Mom washing up.

 First of all, I took a towel draped over his shoulders, so her mother head down, then I
fetched a gourd of water with the left hand, right hand and gently massaged to the
mother. At this time, I brought my mother always used to wash cream squeezed in the
hand, rub both hands to open, add a touch of the mother's head, straining her mother's
head clean, I rub ah rub, rub over mother head is white bubble, really like a
white-haired fairy, very beautiful. I feel the mother's head has been washed, the white
bubbles with water to wash them, after a while children, white bubbles disappeared,
and smooth the hair.

 I wipe clean with a dry towel mom's head of water. Finally, hair dryer drying up, I
asked my mother how to wash like? Mother said: "I did not expect, you can count a
small hair division, and" listening to my mother, I am very happy.

 This is the one I am most happy thing. The thing that I grew up, then I have to do
housework, when the mother's Little Helpers.

 Instructor: Aixia

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