Mom and Dad I want to say thank you Mom and Dad

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					Mom and Dad I would like to say thank you to you father and mother

 red candle Mom and Dad Thank

 father and mother I want to say,

 Mom and Dad I want to say,
 Chongqing South Road, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, the second fourth-grade
class Xu Yalun
 Mom and Dad: How are you!

 Today is my birthday, I am 10 years old!

 delicious cake when placed in front of me, red red candles in the beating. I blew out
the candle, my vows are: Thank you, Mom and Dad, I wish you happiness!

  recall, you play the piano when I was a kid, every Saturday, you are playing with me
rain or shine for. Every night, you are in the piano next to my guidance. Encouraged
me. Through my girl Lee I finally test out three. Thank you for your guidance on my
--- my mother!

 in school four years, is that you both heavy rain or snow accompanied me, made me
safe all safe to go to school, return home safely. Thank you - Dad!

 grades and my piano has been great progress in time, you are always praised me and
encouraged me to continue efforts to achieve better results! When I regress, we would
encourage me not to be discouraged, help me find a reason to, and let me correct.
Thank you - Mom and Dad!

 short, I love you all --- Mom and Dad, I will never live up to you to my hopes. I will
study harder and playing music. Become a pillar of the nation-building.

 daughter: Xu Yalun


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