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									Modeling eggshell eggshell eggshell

 shell molding painted face

 shell model

 shell shape south of Fujian Province Jing County Experimental Primary School 4 (3)
Huang Ruo Ling
 Today, we are in the classroom held a special hand-made, asked everyone to make a
shell shape of a stick, paste, paint, string, bar and other production techniques .

 classroom suddenly raged. Students shell out carefully. Most of my eggshell white,
you know I used the washing powder to its whiteness. Teachers know that we can not
wait to try on 三下五除二 finish, let us begin hands. I see students all hands, and her
agitation Rufen, how would you do? What to do? I thought hard, yes, make a little
girl's face it! Went ahead and hook line pen I picked up the egg white as snow,
drawing on a pair of gently curved eyebrows. The next picture flushed face. I find the
pink paint brush, paint below the eyebrows even in a small group of pink. Re-painting
the other side of the face. I burst his thought: Why not draw in the face a few small
pock it! This is more adorable! I drew a girl's face five or six pock, the other side as
well. At this time, the shell is painted black to the same table laughed and said: "pock!
Really fun!" I ignore him and continue to paint my shell. Now the mouth of the
painting. Easy, I smile with a red pen a cherry mouth. In this way, face unfinished,
and the head of the painting. I searched everywhere, finally found a yellow colored
paper. I use scissors and cut a square piece of paper behind the paper coated with glue,
stuck in the shell, the cap on the well. How to do hair? I only have a black colored
paper, colored paper can only be used to cut a glossy black hair. Hard work pays off,
for a while, the hair will cut better. Up with double-sided adhesive tape, became the
big announcement!

 beginning teacher we selected outstanding works. Wide variety of everyone's work:
a white-bearded grandfather; beautiful girl in Xinjiang; Dr. Dai Yanjing; Africa's
black ... ... all the latest odd thing was that the black, so creative! I feel that their work
must be "good", so very sorry. Very beautiful girl doing in Xinjiang, 20 votes. Blacks
do, creative, 20 votes. White-bearded grandfather did a very delicate, 24 votes. Proud
of my work does, to be honest, I think that certainly had no more than 10 votes, did
not expect to support many of my classmates also, they know that I do one on their
hands, I counted, yes, though not Many, at least 23 votes. Was "excellent" is the
absolute. Depriving the same table that I will read you because I only raise their hands,
and simply can not get that many votes. He felt that his black well, more votes than I
did not expect it ... ... No wonder!

 "Bell -" the class was over. This class really interesting, but I'll definitely be more
hands-on, many mental and physical, to make some better looking shell shape.

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