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Memorable teacher climbing mountain climbing


									Memorable mountain climbing teacher

 memorable hiking teacher who

 memorable hiking

  memorable hiking
  county, experimental school four classes Panmeng
  Wednesday afternoon, Miao teacher announced: This afternoon, we went to North
Mountain climbing. Students listened, and some jumped three feet high, and some
banged the table and ... ... along the way, the grass nodded to us, the flowers give us a
smile, even the birds are also open voice, singing for our children. We talked and
laughed, arrived at the North Mountain.

 Liu hours after the completion group, highlighted: Friendship first, competition
second. Only all the students up, and can be considered first. But we already can not
wait, and hearing they will not listen, just hurts too cumbersome Liu speak, has
caused such a long time we did not climb.

 small first first-year students than all, only they cling to the branch, tottering crawled
forward, we met with are anxious for them was kept shouting "Come on!" To
encourage in our , they finally reached the summit.

 finally our turn, I was deeply moved and thought: so low mountains, I do not
Chuihuizhili will first reach the summit, I said to myself full of confidence. Students
are doing all kinds of preparation and ambitious sports: kick the legs, curved
back ... ...

 Liu a whistle, and we only just came out like a rabbit as a small scramble to the ran
very quickly to the top. We have to fight first, and some newly planted saplings to
broken; some students were pulled down by others; also fell on the students soon got
up and crawled to the top struggling.

 I have more than one by a fellow student, she looks to the top of the mountain,
suddenly, no

 knowledge of who the next pull on my clothes, so I'm behind. I can be angry, and

  wanted to push him down the mountain. However, Liu said that the friendship is not
first, competition second it? Well, whether it be on March 7 21 do, as long as I can
climb up the first on the line. So I Batui ran off, struggling to climb.

 finally climbed to the top of the hill, but I have tired of gasping. See here the sky is
so clear, the trees are so green, like a month back and your chin guard, birds chirp and
the shouting, rest a while from time to time on the trees, singing a beautiful song after
another child. This beautiful natural scenery, makes me feel good, long considered the
fatigue climbing thrown overboard.

 I look back and look at the students are still climbing, heart secretly shouting: "4
<1> ban, come ah!" At this point, some students fell stumble, others to
He help up, and I, in order to win the first, only his climbing, but regardless of other
people ... ... think of this, my heart burst of shame.

 game ended, though we did not get first, but I really appreciate that: the only unity
can we win!

 Instructor: Zhang Xiaomei

 Submission :2004-5-1017: 16:33
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