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					Meixian peel the slippery slippery

 slippery watermelon rind Meixian mother

 slippery watermelon rind

 slippery watermelon rind
 Mei County in Shaanxi Province, Dongguan Mei County fourth-grade classes Lee
 naive hot, I got home, my mother would roll a large garden of cut watermelon 三下
五除二, and I am gulping down a large piece of land quickly swallowed the stomach,
hands watermelon rind reminds me of that scene when the school at noon ......

  hair down midterm paper, second-year students Eguang small, happy to hand
examination papers, a school who also like to fly home and ran, because he got 100
points in the exam, anxious to father. Mom good news too! Suddenly, he slipped and
"splash" and fell down. Look, the original is watermelon rind damage, perhaps
wrestling's too painful, Aguang on the "ooo, ooo to ......" cry. At this time, just to be
like to watch a classmate joke Egg saw, he laughed loudly: "small shaved head, ha
ha ....... fell down, ha ha ......" heard the words of Egg The optical crying harder. Then
quickly ran the sixth grade handsome, propped up bare, led him before the tap, took
out a handkerchief, and turning, said: "Big Brother to help him after washing the
Sassafras Sassafras, coax the coax and told him to stop crying , and added: "brother
your home. "At this point, bare and smiled. Brother good!" And pointed at Egg, said:
"He's bad!" At this point, Egg revealed ashamed look. He so handsome off the bare,
will just slide into the bare skin of a banana peel and far out with pick up thrown in
the trash, and walked away quietly.

 I looked at the eating is Hong's sister, said to her: "Next time, we both ate the
watermelon rind and can not throw banana skin ah! Mother and sister Zhikua I more
ignorance .
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