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									Mango tree fruit roadside roadside

 roadside leaves of mango fruit

  roadside species are mango trees, trees covered with green grass.
  mango tree is not high, but it is leafy branches, its leaves are dark green, the fruit is
oval, yellow flower, fruit is yellow. Mango body is valuable, leaves and nuclear can
lungs, Cough. The taste of meat is very tasty, some sweet, some sour, people liked to
  day, I suddenly found that summer, the mango will often "sweat", are, like the
mango tree and was drying sweat? In order to solve this mystery, I visited the king of
knowledge - the computer. The original, because the trees made a new article at a time
when the season aphid chew mango leaves and tree branches, trees emit stimulated
secretion, which is infested mango tree out after the performance characteristics of the
season appeared in relatively high temperature much cooler weather will disappear. It
is reported that with sticky secretions, although people will pose problems, but
harmless to humans and animals.
  the original tree will "sweat" ah! Everyone in the mango tree and have to be careful
Oh! But can not because of "sweat" drop your head, you destroy the tree, this is not
right, we have to protect the trees, so that the earth we live a better place!
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