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 love story teacher read

  My homeroom teacher affable, his face all day long wearing smiles.
  third grade, I often do not pass the reading questions is the focus of counseling class
object. No matter how busy teachers are always patient guidance to me, her hands-on
teaching me to read the sentence, do fill in the blank. Once, the teacher will not let me
and told me to read questions, I am doing is doing, feel eyes rolling into, and the
groggy and fell asleep. When I woke up, a coat was draped over me, to see that all
teachers, she was wearing a thin dress it in a focused change operation! I was stunned:
It is now early spring, however, can not stand the cold you a teacher? She will not
cold you ... ... This series of questions in my 脑子里闪过. Tears blurring my eyes, I
swallowed it did not vacate its stay.
  teacher's love is kind, sometimes harsh. A second class, my classmates and I in the
desert, also issued hee laugh. He want this agreement, be to me a little "gift" it! I had
to seriously study, after a while child, I spoke, and classmates. This time, the teacher
just said one sentence, and the words will always hidden in my heart. She said:
heaven in a wild, white, square flower.
  teacher, you gave me love, you gave me knowledge. I really want to tell you loudly:
"Teacher, I love you!"
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