Little Naughty Beibeipipi Bebe by fdjerue7eeu


									Little Naughty Beibeipipi Justin

 little naughty Babe Mimi Pipi

 little naughty little Justin

 Naughty Babe in Jiangsu Province Hanjiang Experimental School III (6) Class Liu

  day of rabbits Lily good time in the woods is fun, dog Babe suddenly flash out from
behind a tree, scared Lili 1 jump, Lili said angrily: "I ignore you."
  "to ignore the eye, I go to find Mimi." Bebe Mimi kitten home to go far to see Mimi
door open, an aroma drifted out from the house, walked in and saw the original Mimi
is cooking. Babe Mimi quietly walked behind, cried: "Mimi!" Scared Mimi spade fell
on the ground, "You're bad!" Mimi is very angry. "Bad what?" Justin is very proud of.
  on the way home, Bebe encountered a small Mapi Pi, Phi enthusiastically said:
"Babe, you ride on my back, I carry you home." "Great." Pui Tony climbed Pipi's
back, he pulled a hand leather ear, one hand constantly patting Pipi, exclaimed: "Gee
up! drive! driving!" Pipi very happy to say that : "You too, I do not back you."
  From then on, children are no longer ignore the Babe, and Babe was upset that he
ask the cattle uncle: "Uncle Niu, why nobody told me play with? "" Because you do
not respect other people and often make fun of people, this is not right. "" how can I
do? "" If you were friendly, always helping others on the line. "
  fight then , Babe always help Lily mushrooms, stir-fry to help Mimi, Pipi help
weeding ... ... my friends they love him.

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