Left and right - 2 left hand right hand by fdjerue7eeu


									Left and right - 2 left hand right hand

 left hand to go to the master

 left and right - 2

 left and right - 2
 Yuan Xihu District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Central Primary School Pu IV (1)
Class Zheng Dinglun
 a summer night, left lying in bed. Could be too hot, how the left could not sleep.

 "ah! Hot dead! I'm going to take a bath," his left hand up from his bed at once. But
how he pulled the fixed host. It turned out the right hand is also known as workaholics
design computer games.

  "Hello, brother, I am hot, I'm going to take a bath!" Said the left hand loudly on the
right hand.

 "going to go, few bother me, you lazy guy." Right hand snappily said.

 "do not you and me how to get to? Bastard!" Left angrily asked.

 "just do not go Why did not you see I'm busy?" Right hand, or only typing.

  left angry, and rushed, "pop" about turn off the computer. See the results of his work
right away once, and anger help feeling angry.

 left hand and right hand into a fight, and finally, they insisted on so that the owner to
decide who goes to those who remained. Master embarrassed: "must let a hand go?"
"Is" left, right hand said in unison. After the owner doubled ideological struggle: "You
go left!"

 "Main ... ... people ... ... you ... ..." left heartbroken.

 "gone better, quiet! Owner, we continue to work." Pleased to say that the right hand.

  master of his right hand and began the work round the clock. Before long, they
developed the software was a big success and won awards. That, right hand holds the
trophy should go home happily. But how could he could get it fixed.

 hand thought of his left hand: "always, took his prize, the left hand side always
cheering for him, holding the trophy for himself; software unpopular, the left hand on
the side console myself; there Now successful, if both hands and swinging away in
the road, the more air ah ... ... I kept thinking, right sadly tears, his regret.
 Instructor: Yuan Jinfen

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