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					Learn to radish beef stew beef coriander

 radish beef parsley into the

  Today is Sunday, I want to learn to do carrot beef stew dish.
  morning, my father and I go to a supermarket to get a beef, radish, parsley and other
ingredients. Back home, his father cut a good cut of beef and radish good, began to
teach me what to do. First, we cut of beef will be back in the pot boiling away the
blood, scooped clean backup. Then, in the open electricity Guo Lifang two bowls of
water. At the same time, I began to cut about 2 cm thick carrot fan. Cut is completed,
put it in a large bowl. Then he removed the root of parsley, washed and chopped. At
this time, the pot of water was, I prepared a good beef poured into the pot, then add
ginger, pepper and stewed together. And so on to the 67 mature beef cooked, add
Ruluo Bo stew together. After about half an hour, beef and radish are Dunshu, and
then add salt and monosodium glutamate, removed from the oil poured into a pot, and
finally sprinkle some of parsley. In this way, a tasty beef stew carrot on the well.
  eating dishes made themselves felt very fragrant!

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