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									Magic pen and ink invented invented

 magic pen and ink, the invention

  is the pen, writing over time, you have to absorb ink, which was very convenient.
Sometimes it will suddenly just sucking the ink out of a big drop, the dirty book.
  So I invented a new type of multi-function pen.
  This pen is very special. The barrel of this pen is made of carbon alloy, durable, fell
to the floor even with his foot a few, have emerged unscathed. Pen there is a
micro-robot, control the flow of ink. In this way, the ink will not flow too much or too
little to maintain uniform flow, writing the word is uniform strokes. You also can enter
into your favorite music. When the pen without ink, the pen inside the robot sends a
signal to remind you install ink. If your house has no ink, pens, lamps will
automatically turn on the top of the hole, install more water as long as one minute it
will become ink, so that water can be loaded with one or two months time.
  wonderful that there is a lot of pen set: the yellow button, green button and the blue
button, they each have their own features. Features the largest yellow button up! For
example: you're turn this pen to write. Because you're careless, the "Sima difficult to
recover" and "Si" wrote the word "four" and "four", which it will issue "Didi tick"
sound, and the red light will shine that spelling on the word mistake to remind you it!
Green button function is not small! When you have no word of when, are wrestling
with, the document stamped with the word will show the way and pronunciation, so
you know the word. Blue button too much! If you have just finished writing operation,
the pen cap not stamped, small partner tell you to play, you just go, the pen will be
issued a "beep beep" sound to remind you play cover document lid.
  I will work hard for it as soon as possible to invent such a pen! It was hoped that
teachers and students more convenient and I hope my wish to achieve earlier.
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