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					Introduction of a book a book description

 description of a book book book,

  Hello, everybody! Today what I am here to tell you one of my books, that is, "love
  "love education" is a famous Italian children's literature written by authors Amicis.
This book is in the form of a diary written by the students, each story in the book are
some small things in daily life, let me read to very cordially. The book describes the
life-like characters, especially the description of the image of diverse students,
although they have shortcomings, but everyone some flash stuff. Reading this book, I
felt the book everyone is a lovely person, so kind, they are full of love and help each
other and progress together, even my heart is full of love, I feel that I live in a world ,
are also the people around me love me so much, I feel very happy!
  Come on, students, and to read this book, it will deeply move you, you do not miss

 Instructor: Lu Cuixia

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