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					Interestingly, picnic picnic teacher

 fun cooking teacher father

  fun picnic
  fourth grade four classes Wu Zheng Xin
  wants to bring us to the Yellow River Bund picnic, we felt extremely happy! The
teacher gave us a good group of points, head to our assigned their own tasks, I was in
the first group, leader is Zhao Chao.
  long-awaited moment we arrived, a teacher with us, carrying large bags full of things
that set foot on the road to picnic. This way we are laughter ah!
  moment later, we saw a vivid green grass, covered with green carpet like just the
same, we immediately ran up, the teacher's voice broke the joy of the situation: "Let's
not go there, we want to protect children green! "Students come back dejected, and all
like a deflated balloon-like.
  Soon we reached the destination, that lush forest, where a stone-paved platform, we
put up the kitchen, do all the preparations for the picnic. At this point, my father, my
mother sent us to the wood, we are missing firewood too! Dad rushed to help us to
light a fire, however, also points how wood is not up, and my father has brought up a
newspaper and lit the fire and wood in fling, the fire would burn up immediately. I
quickly brought out the eggs, beat eggs in a bowl, straining Stir egg yolks and egg
white, then put a bit of salt, then continue stirring, eggs hack, and I took a shovel flip
forward, then I think Like his mother cook, this can be professional. Sudden burst of
smoke Xunde blinded me, then I handed shovel mom hands. Mom has a few fry, fried
eggs on the leaves the pot of tomato.
  students say in unison: "You're OK Wu Zheng Xin ah!" I would feel embarrassed.
  This is really a meaningful picnic ah!
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