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 under the same blue sky, Zhejiang,
 Daishan high Ting Hsin Yeh fourth grade to

  "D Page ... ..." school bell rang, the teacher walked solemnly told us: "Our School 4
(3) Class A boys, his health and lively, with outstanding results, but unfortunately it
suddenly happened to his body and was diagnosed, he was suffering from leukemia.
Although the illness of his torture Debu decent, but he still insisted on learning,
doggedly with to fight disease. the face of all this, the parents had both laid off in
tears all day. "Hearing this, the students cried. Last squad leader suggested: We offer
love activities held next Friday. The students said in unison: "Good! Good!"
  then, people, I went early to the classroom. I saw the podium covered with a piece of
blue cloth, stood above the upright to a red donation box, the board has also written
seven characters: under the same blue sky. Donations began, students went to the
podium one after another rose from his seat edge, sawed-off students forced to tiptoe,
tall students have their money held it aloft, all left behind the fear. Students crowded
around the donation box, did not hesitate to put money into the donation box inside.
Look, it is not "cheapskate" Wang Xiaoming it? But his most Stingy people in our
class, and even through he had to gently rub a piece of rubber, how he can be so
generous now ah! See, this is desperately crowded inwards Li Xiaolin, we call him,
"Chan Mao", he usually can be greedy it! Do eat a lot of things one day, but now he
has not eaten snacks a week, and save all the money donated ... ...
  in "of Love" the beautiful melody, our donation activities to an end.

 Teacher: Chen Zhibo

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