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 If I was a big banyan

 If I were a banyan
 Songgang Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong Province Contact List Primary School 402
off Weijie
 If I was a big banyan tree, that much good. Then I evergreen, beautiful!

 spring, I put on a green new clothes. People come to me rest, the birds who happily
came to my nest. Children would happily go my body next to Bao Yibao me. My
heart, as if there is a warm tide of the roll. They may think to me: "Banyan Grandpa,
you are really tall."

 summer arrived, the sun scorching, sun-like as in burning. Many people are sitting
next to me cool. Children come to my side to catch cicadas. I also walked around
some children, playing hide and seek game. They are having so much excitement, so I
looked very happy, so start arm, a huge umbrella name of helping their children.

  fall to, and I still wear Lvpao, but my head bear a lot of fruit. Kids to pick up my
fruit, while picking the side to know each other, chat. Birds also eat fruit. Full, they
will bring my children to go other places, let my children grow up happily. Sometimes,
the next burst of rain, people came to my body the next avoiding wind and rain.

 winter arrived, the weather is very cold. My Lvpao not be affected, the color does
not change for me from the cold. The leaves of many trees are down, but I just lost the
green hair was crossing. Children hug me again, let me warmer. I thought I heard
them say: "Grandpa banyan tree, you could be very cold, I'll help you to ensure

 I is a large evergreen tree, quietly throughout the year for people to contribute. Wind
blowing, quietly, I long to scatter in the wind.

 Supervisor: Zhu Rui Miriam

 Submission :2004-4-2116: 25: 47
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