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					I love goldfish goldfish a

 beauty of a goldfish aquarium

  I have a fish tank at home, Dad goldfish I am extremely happy, I want to tank,
dressed beautifully float light. I should get some sand and small stones, as well as
plants, the tank disguised as a beautiful underwater world, let the fish swim freely.
  Sunday, I and his father to the bird market to buy goldfish, a goldfish I bought two
packages in his head, tail like a flower opening, and my belly like a frog's belly
bulging, and in the water swimming continuously spit out when the mouth blisters
body writhing like a dancer on stage performances, extremely beautiful. When selling
to buy goldfish goldfish's aunt told me that fish fed a matter of three days of food, a
little fish can only eat once a week for water.
  since my goldfish, the goldfish every day to see the beautiful fish tank in a happy life,
I was very glad.
  three-Six Experimental Primary School Drum Wu Yun-known
  Teacher: Yelin Juan

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