I look cute Snoopy by fdjerue7eeu


									I look cute Snoopy

 Snoopy looks very cute

 My Snoopy

% D% of my Snoopy A Chongwen District, Beijing Chongwen school 3rd grade 2
classes Wang Xueqing
 very cute I like Snoopy, Snoopy with other difference is that it is a space Snoopy.

  is wearing a yellow, transparent, round cap space, inside the potato head, above there
is a round, black, shiny little eyes, nose a slight tilt. It wore a orange spacesuits, also
embroidered above the word in 2000. It hands with a pair of orange space gloves, be
wearing a pair of orange space shoes. Look very cute!

 I like it because my Shenzhou 5 spacecraft carrying the first space hero Yang Liwei,
China's uncle flew to the space, the more I love it!

 I hope that my space Snoopy flying into space as soon as possible.

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