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 My bedroom

 My bedroom
 security of Baoding in Hebei Province County Sino-Japanese friendship in the third
grade (2) Class Zhang Xiaodong
 layout of my bedroom is very simple, clean, neat and pretty. I like my bedroom.

 You want to know what my bedroom is like? Let me tell you!

 went into the bedroom, first see a flower, it is close to the east wall. It has brought us
unlimited joy. When Mom bounce it, we sang along with the beautiful music, point
start. You see, we are not a musical family you?

  south of the flower of my desk, rectangular, color is beige's. Desk divides two, three
drawers on the floor, some of my drawer school supplies and toys. There are two
small cupboard under the floor. Filled the books of a package, filled the school with
one, there are white and magazines. The above are some of my desk and my father,
my mother's books, among them: "Song 300", "Primary Mathematics innovative
solution," "primary classification essay Daquan" there is a desk lamp, and its name is
" Dream child card 'learning treasure' ", which often accompany me to write every job,
I learn a good partner. In the desk there is a partner, is recorder.

 My bedroom While not luxurious, but it is growing every day to accompany me, I
love my bedroom.

 Supervisor: Xue-Jun Ge
 Comment: Little to score the total of paragraphs of the arrangements, wrote his own
bedroom layout, and appropriate and accurate terms.

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