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									I hate snow, hate or

 hate snow clothes or

 I hate snow

  I hate snow
  Jining, Shandong Province City School third-grade classes Qiao Yu Li Chi
  longitudinal first snow this winter, since I have the worst from the Health and snow.
  snow since I first saw the time, they did not like it then the next up. Because the
snow will certainly be cool, so you have to wear more clothes. However, more clothes,
the less effort officer. The less clothes, more cold body, in the end how to do? Finally,
I bite the bullet and put a few pieces of clothing to school.
  I trembling went to the site to know the power of winter. Now I have frozen into a
half frozen, almost no sensation, I had to grit your teeth, waiting for school bus came.
  school bus was coming eventually, on the train after about three minutes later, I did
feel a little warm, but the good times, the same happens as the light disappeared, I
went back to the cold world.
  at last to lunch time, people were wearing fur coats, and I can only walk slowly
curled there. Gradually, I think this is not like "1929 is not shot" scenario, but "3949
Ice walking it." There are even more unfortunate things happen, because too much
was too much snow, roads filled with the snow, this is the biggest difficulties I faced.
Fortunately, I beat the rap barely walk or canteen. Originally I would like to add some
food energy, the results who know that cooking is also of no use, in addition to filling
the stomach, other changes nothing.
  I do my best to come to quarters, I suddenly remembered that my students, "Lee how
big the maze is not opened?", This time I can believe my memory bad, I had to use
my pen I had a bed painted, just painted of a few no ink, I had ventured to the teacher
borrowed a pen. For "Lee Great Maze" too complicated, so I get up from sleep to play
no unfinished. Time to get up, I had wanted to warm in the ranks Minato Minato, the
results announced his return to the classroom teacher, one of my own to go back, I
almost fainted, my dream has shattered, no way, I had to sadly go back to classroom.
  and other work done at home, I screamed: "In the future I would not want to see

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