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					I am a tropical fish tropical fish tropical fish,

 a tropical fish doctors lobster

 I am a tropical fish

 I am a tropical fish
 Wuhan, Wuhan Iron and Steel 11 third-grade three classes Lumeng Yuan
 I is a lovely tropical fish, living in that boundless sea. Mom gave me a nice name -

 in the depths of the sea, with bundles of coral, red, yellow, white, purple ... ... Very
beautiful colors. In the thicket of coral, colorful fish are inside the shuttle, hide and
seek, play games, could not be happier.

  long thin fish, seaweed base that the fish are swimming with the gentle breeze is
blowing over from time to time, it was graceful in the dance show. In the seagrass
edge, starfish in the walk, sea cucumber in peristalsis, as well as the lovely
"salamander" in the singing. I am a frequent visitor here, here, I have made many

  I have a small wish is to become a doctor, so I can help partners to treat wounds,
relieve our suffering. I have witnessed some of my partners lost their lives because of

  with this wish, I left my mother, I'm looking for a fish to study medicine doctors
coach. I swim you swim aimlessly, and finally found a well-known Dr. Long Xia. I
am very excited, and came up very politely said: "Lobster doctor, taught me the skills
it!" Dr. Long Xia looked at me quite a while, said: "But the bitter thing to study
medicine, you afraid?" "Not afraid of !, "I said firmly. Dr. Long Xia see me so
determined, and smiled: "Good for you, showing great promise!"

 from that day on, I have told Dr. Long Xia learning skills every day, one day, I
became a doctor .

 busy day because I had medical treatment for fish, small fish are so healthy and
happy manner. Look! Them in this beautiful ocean swimming happily.

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 OVERVIEW: A good-hearted good fish.

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