I admire people who do not sport

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					I admire people who do not sport

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 I admire people
 I admire people
 happy, Ningbo City Experimental Primary School 403 Prince Court Kin

 person I admire most in our class, "Zou big sister," in fact she only bigger than me
28 days, so I do not understand, she ah fat than I can Sports she was much better than
me, why? In addition, I also admire her work not the least bit careless spirit.
 first said she was sporting it! A few weeks ago, our class held a long jump test. I try
my hardest to practice paid off, jumped 163. The results of the Zou Wenli is literally a
piece of cake. But for me, has the best jump of. I saw her little feet a little apart, knees
slightly bent a little, his hands swing to the left and right sides. Only heard the "boom"
bang, Zou Wenli has stood over 180 centimeters of place, "wow! God! Zou Wenli
jumped more than 180 cm, is terrific!" Will continually praised the sound from the
crowd students who pass out of.
 job does not depend on her to do. One day at noon, the teacher gave us a task, that is,
the language work done in this 25th class. I took the job of the language to do it
without even looking up. However, her trial in serious question, would like to answer.
After a child, I was done, soon to play. However, she was still immersed to do. On
another occasion, Haidian do math test king. The teacher said you can not do the last
three issues, I had completely ignored its existence, even if the previous finish. Can
Zou Wenli not only behind the three questions had done and brought two ways to
answer the second question.
 Zou Wenli is not only the IQ (intelligence quotient) of 200 days, or known athletes.

 Teacher: Yu Weiwei

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