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 injections in mind Nanning Guangxi Nanning New School 3 ( 1) Ban Liang Yuan
 Today is Saturday, my mother took me to the hospital for a meningitis vaccination.
Vaccination because I've played, so this time I was not nervous, talking and laughing
along the way I and my mother too!

  to the hospital, wow! Wait for the injection of the people can work! Injection outside
edge of the bench not enough to sit. We injected single cross up, and stood waiting
patiently. Only to hear a doctor finally called my name, my mother and I can not wait
into the injection room. Into the injection room, I saw a little girl is Mayan Lei, her
side to comfort her mother while helping her hold the needle with a mouth swab. She
has played the original. "Definitely hurt, or how she typed up by needle still crying?"
My mind can not help but tense. I firmly grasped her mother's hand. Mom look at me
scared, it feels on my head, said softly: "You are a brave child, as long as you relax,
you will not feel pain." I listened to my mother, then feel more relaxed, Think again, I
almost nine years old, this little bit of pain afraid of? I put the sleeves rolled up, arms
akimbo. Doctors came with cotton swabs dipped a little alcohol in my arm and rubbed
it gently. I feel cool, and really comfortable! Medical side of massage for my arm,
while the needle inside. I just feel like being what bug bit her, painful, but not the pain
quickly. Doctor needle is taken out, handed me a cotton swab and told me to press and
hold the needle mouth. I proudly looked to her mother, my mother is smiling with
approval of the eyes looking at me!
  Instructor: Zhang Lihong
  Comment: Psychological description of good! I believe that many children do not
read the article you afraid of injections.

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