He was my new classmate classmate

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					He was my new classmate classmate

 classmate of his art he

  school, I had a third grade student, and I know a lot of new students. I like him, he
called Ren Zhipeng, he was a boy. He looked a little fat, his eyes wide open, his nose
is not high, round face, not tall nor low.
  Ren Zhipeng hobby is painting, as long as the fine arts, he listened carefully art
teacher lectures, so the teacher had finished, he immediately picked up a brush, he
painted a good future for me, I was surprised after reading, His paintings of dogs and
really like to go to the art class on Sundays he was.
  Ren Zhipeng often bounce in class when he heard the good, a class as he flew like a
bird out of the classroom.
  This is my new students this semester.

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