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					Hard to prepare to prepare hard

 tough game to prepare teachers

 hard preparation

 painstaking preparation
 Longhua, Haikou, Hainan Province, five primary schools (3) Ban Kai Chen
 "January 21! January 21!" Every day after school, the campus will be heard a loud,
neat slogan. This is doing? That our schools in order to promote the development of
all aspects of the students, to be held on Thursday and Friday, a Guangbo Cao game.
This does not, all classes are preparing for the contest.

 for each class each accounted for a small playground where, under the guidance of
the teacher's practice together. High-grade students stood in rows, the same action,
even strong doing morning exercises; low-grade classmates are teachers to the
earnestness doing each movement, a little better than high-grade difference.

  also quickly came to our class on the playground, volleyball good team, during this
time. We usually have practiced for exercise many times, should not be a problem. In
our practice is to trot - appearance. Listening to the teacher that played in the game
accounted for a very, very lost if it may be a pity. I looked to the side, all the students
are in high spirits, full of confidence. I quickly head high, ears to listen to the
password. "Start - go!" The teacher gave an order, the students have to go up
according to their own pace. No, no, the whole mess! Let us pause to look at the
teacher next to the classes, their class and shout slogans, sound is so loud, the pace is
so neat. Students stared. As I watched, my mind created a bizarre unconvinced. I got
to this level you can, as we can do it! Must be properly trained, must not allow other
classes look down on us! I think the students seem to be the same with the second
travel time, significantly better than the first. To help students turn out to be more
vigorously, the teacher into our two groups, the first four rows is the A group, B group
after the fourth row is, in my B group. Group practice has greatly increased our
competitiveness so that we turn out to be better. Finally the teacher let two match each
other and see what training results. We B group go first. We strongly marching steps,
shouting, password, neatly went to the front, yet firm, heard the buzz behind twitter a
while. We turned to look, the original is the square one step too Shijin, and the
confused behind a cloud of dust was choking DC A group of students to tears. Group
A play next turn. A group of students have gone pretty good, but not many people are
crying password. We B group Take advantage of winning a loud voice, the students
were happy to jump three feet high one.

 after several days of training, and we all still, for exercise was trained in verse, just
wait for Friday's game. At that time, we must play to the best level and that it must
win the first prize can not be!
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