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Happy winter holiday winter vacation fun


									Happy winter holiday winter vacation fun

 happy mom happy winter

 happy winter

 fun winter vacation happiness Court, Ningbo, Zhejiang, Xu Rui experimental
schools 303
 winter vacation this year, I am not happy, because my nose has been old mother
Alice to Alice to say me. Whenever I want to open when the computer Contributors
mother said I, "Do not play on the computer to learn quickly, worked hard." Can I
have done writing, but also a refresher. The mother is really like this pair.

 stuck up my nose every day to sing, like pig noses. Boys sing songs that ugly mother
died, Tingzhetingzhe on a laugh. However, the most fun thing I play badminton, and
whenever I missed a ball, my mother said how stupid I have received not live even a
ball. When the mother missed the ball when I said so. The same day as the winter to
stay at home.

 This is part of my little holiday!

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