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Happy seaside seaside cousin


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									Happy seaside seaside cousin

 happy tourist seaside cousin

 sea of happy
 sea of happy
 Xuzhou City, Park Lane Primary School 4 (8) Ban Fan Chuxuan

  Today is the "Happy Planet" This large-scale educational children's television series
finale 'happy ever'. In battle, Ike, who captured the 008, but the program changed over,
a good 008 Ike down there and helped the 007 and dark stars. Teachers and students
were in when Ike, AI Snow completed the task this year, know what is true friendship!
  friendship in my world that is everywhere: travel, classroom, home, Angela every
day laughing. My hobby is travel, so I talk about the joy of it while traveling. I
remember most was my cousin that year in 2004 to Qingdao travel ... ... by the train
car arrived at the red off my cousin, "grunt" I rolled up the beach the beach look, look
at me cousin covered with sand, "Ha ha," laughed, her foot slipped, and fell off.
  start swimming, I tread the kick feel something tugged at the back I looked back,
"ah," I exclaimed, "Sister, you scared me, you can not swim and clinging to my back
for it, you are doing? "" I'm sorry, I, I .... afraid. "cousin's face look pale. "What are
you afraid of Yeah, like I do. Hands brushed aside the water front, pay attention to
your fingers curved. Legs like a frog forced Yi Deng, not to slip and be proud." "Oh."
Tour for a while swimming, we Some are tired, they returned to the beach break. I
saw my mother buried in the sand with wet legs, and it can protect the skin. My
cousin also learn buried, the feeling is very good subject for it! While we want to go
surfing, but also how pull pull fixed legs, but fortunately, her mother came to the
rescue. Surfing is also a fun game. We are clinging to the rope sideways burst of
waves came, I jumped over the feet of a big wave, surfing is really a hero, hehe!
  billow like the sea one day the children were tired, they lie on the golden Cang bent,
gently sway to gasped. Sea and sky as connected together, and looked at a bright,
crystal blue, open up my mind to become. The surging sea, rolling the silver moon,
like a billow of Xuelang coming from the sky, they all swim like a fish underwater to
the surface, in this full moon out of a "turf scales."
  really wonderful happy day!

 Teacher: Wang Qiuqi
 Comments: good
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