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Happy home Happy home


									Happy home Happy home

 happy home green ocean

  2009 年 8 Thursday, 13
  clear my hometown in the wide wood, where the beautiful, enchanting scenery!
  You only have to climb the mountain, depicting the beautiful scenery in sight. Green
rice, green and luxuriant trees, one looked like a green sea! In the sea of green, but
also hints of see some houses. My grandfather house has a pond, many pond fish feed,
while the pond is kind of a lot of flowers and two trees. One is the Osmanthus trees,
osmanthus junction may incense! The other one is a date tree, junction of dates
fragrant and sweet, taste great! One way to go from a flood, the flood can be great
friends! Although there is shallow water, but water always flow like finish. Water
flowed down from the mountain stream a yard deep pool, listening to his father that
the pool yard, many fish and crabs.
  I love my home.

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