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 Sketch of the site idioms Handan

 Handan sketch

 sketch of Handan, Handan Hanshan Forestry Road Primary School 4 School classes
Liuyi Dan
 is an ancient city of Handan, in 2000 years ago, the ancient capital of Handan is
Zhao's long history. Handan very special, multi-site, idioms and more.

 Handan many years the site has collapsed, you'll accidentally step on history.

 Wu Ling Congtai Pavilion is the most famous sites of Handan, Handan not where to
Congtai Pavilion, just as the Summer Palace in Beijing do not travel, did not climb the
Great Wall; to see the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an, like no. This ancient octagonal
pavilion, there are two thousand years of history, now Congtai kiosk maintenance
often has standing, and the wind did not reduce the color, really makes people marvel
to watch. Handan There are many sites: Zhao City hall sound Temple chajianling ... ...

 lot of idioms Handan: Handan toddler, an abject apology, fool's paradise ... ... that a
daydream of the pavilion, Lin Hsiang-ju Get the lead to make way for the Return
Lane, the ancient Chinese Yan toddler learning to walk, Handan bridge, it is now a
witness to these idioms. There is a proverb Street, Handan - Congtai Road, Congtai
way across a road to have a light box is marked with an allusion. Handan is indeed
"home idiom" which without exaggeration.

 I love my home - Handan, Handan is new to her ancient history and beautiful face to
greet people coming from far away.
 Instructor: Liu Fang
 Comment: Little of the ancient Handan seized, with its many idioms, many of the
features of the site focus on description. The paper is imbued with love of home and

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