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									Good habits are good habits of the interest rate used to

 good habit of the interest rate used children
 habit is a long-trained, not call out, but not the nagging out. The family is
accustomed to the school, parents are used to teachers.
 a good habit to bring good luck
 children the best education in childhood than to develop good habits. The so-called
good children good habits must be a child, so-called problem children are generally
more children bad habits. Complementary habits and personality. A bad habit of
making you lose a good opportunity, but a good habit is to make you successful.
 man in his own life, to continue to cultivate a variety of good habits, small eating
habits, sleep habits, health habits, access to be big enough to matter, etiquette,
politeness, work study and other aspects of this. Is used to develop the rules,''No rules
no standards ", where the good habits will generally have a higher quality and training.
Educator tao said, education is to cultivate habit. Educator Ushinski said Russia more
Image: Good habits are stored in the nervous system in the capital, this capital will
continue to grow, a person can enjoy life to its interest. The bad habit is morally
unable to pay clear the debt, which can continue to grow interest torture people, make
him the best initiative fails, and directed him to the point of moral bankruptcy
 2, correct the bad habit of subtraction
 Beijing has a mother, son in fifth grade, homework dillydally . under the guidance of
the educator, mom started to take measures to cultivate habits.
 one day, my mother found her son was one hour of work rose 7 back, while opening
the refrigerator to see what delicious, while turn on the TV to see started watching
anime not 。。。  。。。
 mother said to him, you are a very smart child, but I have to you counted one hour
stand up 7 back, is not too much . I think you write one hour of work rose almost 3
back on it. son surprised a moment, said three back to back on 3. my mother said, if
you stand up within 1 hour of not more than 3 times a day, at night cartoons casual
look. son was very happy. prize there must be punishment, her mother said, first do
happy hour if you stand up more than 3 times, can not watch television, including
 Results 5 days, the son has done 3 days, 3 days happily watched this cartoon. but
forgotten for two days and can not watch cartoons. the kids have a strong incentive,
the thought of one hour only stand up and 3 back, you need time to control.
 This is a great mother. From her experience, you can summarize the basic methods
used to train ----- subtraction, that is, cultivate a good habit to use addition,
subtraction used to correct bad habits. you want your child have any kind of good
habits, we do everything possible to make good behavior he will continue to appear,
the more the number appears, the more solid good habits. Friendly reminder: This
article is to collecting and collating the documents from the worry-free, special thanks
to the original author! / center>

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