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 fun cooking activity all

 fun cooking activities,
 fourth-grade class of Ba Ruijie
 teacher is taking us picnic, we are pleased that more is expected. We are all ready for
picnic necessities, finally heading for the Sunday, we remember with excitement to
the collection site, and others in attendance, our team set off to march forth.
 we passed the Phoenix Plaza, came to the European Commercial Street, then
immediately to the Yellow River Bridge, the bridge closed for a while we started
again. We talked and laughed, arrived at the destination - the Yellow River Bund.
Here we see everywhere, trees, the air is particularly fresh.
 we quickly spread table linen, all division of labor for a while on setting up the stove,
pots and pans, Youyanjiangcu also is over. He sent firewood, and then, Zhao Chao and
Wu Zheng Xin's father drove to the firewood, I Fei Zhang Qu Bao Cai, we started
cooking, hearty food on the table soon ready. We can not help but smell the delicious
food eat, the teacher said: "re so, so Taijiadoumang finished together to eat you?" We
have to wait until I'm glad the people in attendance. The teacher said: "Children do
not worry, eat slowly, and so fed up that we follow the same track."
 The picnic clothes to us, hand, mouth open for food "little emperors" are also hands
up. This makes me fully aware of how important self-care ability is ah!
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