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Fruit animal protest protest


									Animal protest protest fruit

 fruit of the human animal protests

 protest against animal

  protest against animal
  Nanhai City, Guangdong Province, Central Primary School Songgang 401 LIU Jie
  night of quiet, almost even the flies can hear the calls of small animals were in bed.
Suddenly, from the forest came a "whining" and cry. It turned out that the small cries
of civet cats, small animals have been in all this "whining" cries awakened from a
dream. Small animals come to regards small civet cats in the end what happened.
Small civets said: "The blame those stupid humans, to my parents Zhuo Zou, and get
every night I have nightmares. Now they have those so-called 'atypical pneumonia'
are to blame us, it can be all they deserve, either Zhuozou us how they like that?
"chickens and ducks have claimed him:" Yes, yes! small civet cats are right, now a
human 'bird flu' also surprised that the transmission to them, this is their handy!
"Swallow said:" The man often said that our saliva is what bird's nest, said to be
worth a lot and brought us swallow Zhuo Zou, got home I broke the door Yan perish.
"tiger, said:" that our skin is very valuable, and very warm, so try to turn our Zhuozou
not! "normal Xipixiaolian monkeys are crying today, said:" We do not know human
beings should torture to which year on the date. "squirrel, said:" only with their own
interests, do not for the sake of our animals. "small civet added:" If I know the
language, I will persuade them . "
  instructor: Cen Yanxia
  Comment: Can you summarize the animals true feelings

 Submission :2004-3-2420: 05:37
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