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					Fox after the fox and chicken

 neighbor had a mother hen fox

 fox and chicken

 fox and chicken
 Gongbei in Zhuhai, Guangdong Province Primary 3 (2) Ban Leong Ka Shui
 in the dense forest, there lived a shrewd old fox and a hen, because the fox is a new
neighbor, the old mother hen did not know the fox is good bad, nervous all day.

 Soon, mother eggs, and they had a child-month, chicks hatched out, hen house to the
fox asked the fox said: "You meat?" Because Fox knew that the old hen There are
many children pretended the hen said: "I do not eat meat, if I eat meat, they spit, the
meat is unpalatable." After listening to the words of the fox, the old hen was assured
that thought: "Fortunately, , the new neighbors are not eating meat. "But the old
mother hen, or a little sorry heart, thinking to beware of new neighbors.

 one day, a smile came to the old hen house fox, the fox said: "ah, sorry, new
neighbors, I'll trouble you, I would like you to care of my children." Fox thought to
himself: "Ha ha, stupid hens, I can finally eat a full meal." fox was readily agreed to
the request of the old hen.

 old hen out, the fox came to the home of old hen, old hen ate the children, the old
hen house to sleep, children after a while, the old hen came back and saw his the
children were not, but in the sleeping fox, fox, asked: "My children?" the fox to cheat
the old mother hen: "The children are so disobedient, and went up the roof." rushed to
the roof to find the old hen , fox stole ran home.

 later, the old hen know the fox is eating meat, and ate its children, it really regret
believe his words, from the old hen and the fox has become the enemy.

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