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 forest hunter ashamed if

 hunter ashamed of

  hunter ashamed of
  small Wuhan, Hubei Wuhan Iron and Steel 13 fourth-grade classes Chen Ni
  in a dense forest, the green grass with colorful flowers in full bloom. They are
wonderful, extremely gorgeous, fragrant bursts come butterflies seem to smell of this
fascinating scent, dance, fly Zhengfangdouyan of flowers, the Yi Keke lush trees,
fruits of the earth with bright red apples, Fenfen peach, orange, orange ... ... tall stands
of oaks out its verdant foliage that cover the hot sun, the distance a beautiful, flowers,
looked like a landscaped landscape painting. Clear creek water, a happy fish
swimming, birds twittering cry continually, and sometimes stopped at the trees,
sometimes flying in the sky free, live very happy. Near, as if everything had vitality,
the flowers Yi Bai Yi Bai, like the naive young girl; grass was the wind would blow,
like a naughty child months; mighty like the tree stood straight, like soldiers as tall
and proud. There are small animals: bunny, sheep, giraffes, tigers, elephants, lions and
so on. They live and work, living a happy life.

 lion king of the forest one day say, "Let's do a party animal now! To celebrate our
unity and harmony," Animal said in unison, "okay! Okay!" So soon, the animals
opened one after another busy, and some collect mushrooms, and some fruit picking,
and others to adopt several flower flowers. While the animals were ready, when they
are trying to celebrate, from the forest came a loud gunshot, the animals scared wits,
monkey said: "Oh, hunters to catch us." They are a group of people Ju Zhaoqiang,
aligned lamb, Peng Pengpeng crash, kid down to the ground, its blood red hair. A man
grabbed the lamb chops its skin, the internal organs were dug out. Animals to see in
the eyes, pain in their hearts, their anger, and finally could not resist, driving fast as
those who went before, some playing, some step, some fight. After a fight, who have
blue faces in the nose, and finally, animals with nets to those violent people to
network again. Bunny said angrily, "Why do you want to harm us? Where we have
offended you, we pay so much for mankind, and you are ungrateful, but also treat us?"
They said, "We also have difficulties Yeah! Our previous The boss wants us to pay
back the money, we do not play, you can only catch to sell. "tiger yelled:" If we go to
hurt your family, what you taste? to make money, you can find a job, why this? "

 person who is guilty, under the head, silently crying!

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