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									Forest concert concert forest

 forest concert presenters Peacock

  forest concert
  □ Road Primary School in Lhasa, four (4) Ban Chai Zexuan
  morning forest in warm sunshine gradually revived. Look: trees and flowers look
vibrant, but the animals do? Is in high spirits ahead. Because today the Kingdom will
host a forest grand concert.
  9:00, the host Peacock said: "Forest concert started!" First appearance is cuckoo,
"cloth - Valley - cloth - Valley -" It is light to open voice, sing very involved, won all
the rounds of applause. Next, debut of magpies, "Cha-cha -, Cha -" It's song was like
to tell you: "happy event home, wedding home!" So, we could not help humming
along happily together with the Magpies.
  on this, small animals took turns playing a singing, duck "quack," dog "bark," lamb
"bleating" ... ... the last finale is Lark, "chu -, Jiu tweeted. It has just opened a bright
voice, you will be mildly intoxicated pleasant voice. song over and over, everyone
shouted in unison: "Encore! Encore! "So larks sing it with emotion, the whole forest
is immersed in the wonderful music sound.
  to 11:00, the host Peacock said:" The concert event was a great success, next year we
will the second concert will be held, please join in the camp that time. "Carter," Wow
- "Field then burst into warm applause, we are looking forward to next year's arrival
of the concert.
  Comments: The idea of exquisite article, that on the pretext of" onomatopoeia ",
wrote the the exciting process of forest concert.
  Instructor: Sun Wei [This article from [worry document] collection
and sorting, for the original author] / center>

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