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 witty chick they fly out

 witty chick

  witty chick
  Shandong Province, District, Jinan City hongjialou third in the fifth grade classes
Yan Scarlett
  I domesticated a few chickens. Yo chick's body round, and hairy, like a small
pompon a golden yellow, sweet. Chick's head is round, two dark and bright little eyes,
like the black gem general; mouth is with the yellow, sharp; two small claws are
bright yellow, the claws behind the little toe and a conspicuous .

 I put them in cardboard boxes, the shop at the bottom of the paper is that their small
"home." They can be very satisfied, always want to fly out of the constraints of their
small "home" to the outside world away and try to. In this way, constantly inciting
chicken wings, fly up. The beginning, the chicken does not fly high, but they are not
discouraged. Gradually go higher and higher. Through the efforts, they finally flew his
own small "home." From this we realize: As long as you do not lose heart and
perseverance, not afraid to do not a major event.

 because they can fly out of small "home", running around, and I put them into the
garden downstairs. Once I came home from school, the chicks were released from the
cage after the small partners play together, and I suddenly hear a chicken in horror,
"creak" barking, looked out and saw feathers scatter, the chicks were puppies Babe,
surrounded by ocean, and it suddenly soon as moan, fell to the ground motionless, and
the body rigid. Babe also tentatively pat the chicken with a paw, it did not help. Dog is
not fun feeling. I am very sad very angry, grabbed a stick to go after the two "kill a
chicken killer." I come to the chicken corpses, I saw it long ago obediently stay in the
cage. It turned out the chicken before the puppy is very weak, only by playing dead to
protect themselves. Chicks with their own wisdom and not only was the dog poison

 I have such a smart chick, proud. Cute chicks, they lively, witty and perseverance.
 Instructor: Liu Shixia

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