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Find coins coins coins


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									Find coin coin coin

 coin Teacher Chang students hidden in the

 to find coins
 to find coins
 Yu Ying School 3 (e) Class Shen Lu

 writing class today, the mysterious Teacher Chang told us: "Students, today we play
a game - looking for coins.
" Wait a teacher will ask the three students were the three coins hidden in the corner, it
can hide in the human body, but other students can not see. "Teacher Chang said.
Finished, the teacher sent for the three students Zhang to three coins in possession of
good, with Teacher Zhang order, we started looking up side.
 we looked around, before looking after searching everywhere churn, anxious to
overthrow the whole class should be overturned. I heard someone call up "find, find.
"So is Hong Zhou found the coin and saw he kept waving his hands, very happy.
Second gold coins by a King Tong Shun students found that he was pleased to smile,
jump forward. I began to tense up, thinking: The last coin will hide where? some
students find the air conditioning on, some looking at the door, there's on the podium
to find, but how can not find, At this time, Zhang teacher said: "Shall I tell you where
the last coin hidden in Yes, if you want to know quickly back on the seat. "The
students are puzzled, Miss Zhang Xiao Hehe, said:" it in my hands! "Teacher Chang
saw coins thrown up their hands and then conveniently received a hand, we suddenly
realized that the teacher in the hands of Zhang ah! No wonder we always find time to
Teacher Zhang Xiao Hehe, the fists are always is holding tight.
 to find coins in this game is fun, and fun, but also develop intelligence, but also
cultivate our ability to observe carefully, I really like to find coins in the game.
 Students, do you?

 Teacher: Hole teacher

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