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					Feather fairy tale story

 tale of cat white feathers

  fairy tale with a single cat, it is sometimes fish, sometimes catching mice. Kitten,
wearing a white, smooth, "clothes", like eyes like black pearls have been in direct spin
orbit, small size of the nose there is a well-behaved mouth, constantly "meow meow"
call forward. It likes sunny places Xie Liang; it like to run, because it can help its own
quick recovery when rats.
  one day, when it is chasing a mouse, the wind suddenly saw a flying feathers, white
white, whiter than their own body. Cat saw, heart envy, want their own separate, so it
feathers, said: "Mr. white feathers, are you going ah? Can you bring me?" Feather
listened, smiled and said, "I have it! wandering, I was lying in the ground, but the
wind took me to this, has been floating floating. If you would like to follow it! "cat
heard, they followed behind the feathers.
  next day, the cat and the feathers stopped to rest. Suddenly a voice sound up,
"Friends, how are you." Kittens and feathers with the answer: "Hello, may I ask Who
are you!" "I am a big forest, you are following me." Kitten and feathers lifting his
head and looked at over a lot of tall trees. Kitty asked: "tall forests, over you doing?"
Forest listening to smile: "I'm over Gansha! During the summer, let the people in my
following Xie Liang; to dodge when children play, I give him or her to hide. "kitten
heard to say" tall forest, you're great! I would also like you "... ...
  cat, feathers, and here the forest from non-living worry-free bored every day so
  author: jojo
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