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					Father father letter of apology apology

 father took the apology at

  father's letter of apology
  Mihara, Zhongshan Street Primary School 3 (1) Ban Bai Hao Yu yesterday morning,
I was about to go to school carrying a bag and suddenly I found a letter on the table, I
picked up the first reading is the father wrote me a letter of apology. This is how
going on? Things have to start with from the night before.
  night before, my father let me back word, but I'm half-hearted do not take back. Dad
would hit me angry, and I to be outdone and he plays with. The more angry that the
father, I will become the object of his outlet. Afterwards wronged cry randomly. At
this time my father let me dictation English words and sentences, the dignity of my
father reluctantly took the pen under the breath finish. Father a check all right, This
solution was with him. But I was still crying, my father saw is pained.
  father holding a letter of apology I read over and over again my heart is very calm.
But I still hope my father will not beat me.
  after heart do not feel I know Dad, I want my father get rid of his bad temper. As
long as he get rid of his bad temper he was always my good father.

 Instructor: Bai Yonglin

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