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									Faraday cage cage personnel

 Faraday cage and then the staff

  Faraday cage Faraday cage
  Experimental Primary School Grade 7 Class 5% D% NG cold exposure A
  My mother and I went to the China Science and Technology Museum, where I know
a man named "Faraday cage" thing.
  we walked, we found a large circular cage that says "Faraday cage" two words,
which few people can stand. Suddenly more and more people, then a staff member
came up after her, the power is turned on, saying, "Faraday cage" not afraid of
electricity, so the three children into a try, so I hand raised high, her first I scream, and
then called a boy and a girl.
  us into a "Faraday cage", the staff took a yellow stick, there is a ball head. She said
that the stick can release thousands of volts of high voltage, so that some children feel
the cage to see will not be electrocuted, so much power to stick with it ourselves cage,
I thought: This cage is made of iron Do not conductive, and we three were like three
wolves caught the rabbit, who do not want to be eaten, they begin another above
yourselves, who do not want to first touch the cage, my heart are mentioned throats,
heart rate voices are heard. Finally, I ventured, lightly touched, thinking: look at my
life will retain his job! Unexpectedly, no feeling, so I Shijin touch him, or nothing, I
mentioned a heart Only down, the other two This touched the cage. Staff continued:
"Now let them put his hand where I was electric." I see that release of the long stick
of white sparks, like lightning, and touched seemed to be electrocuted, I was terrified
pale. The other two were anxious, as if to the end of the world to be like. I thought:
Where is the "Faraday cage" ah, this is a wooden cage van, which is to give us the
death penalty. I kept thinking I Shijin next hide, and they pushed forward confused me,
I had trembling in his hand on the place is electric. Staff said, is not some cold, I said
aloud: "Yes!" The two remaining big coward too timid, they say some cool hands on it,
That put us out.
  conductive body iron should be, why are not afraid of power? The original "Faraday
cage" has something to with a lead to ground the electricity. I came out, my mother
said: "I braver than you are big, powerful than I!" I laughed.

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