Fantastic Journey Fantastic Journey by fdjerue7eeu


									Fantastic Journey Fantastic Journey

 fantastic tour wings of the Earth

 wonderful journey
 wonderful journey
 primary 三年级一班 Lantian Xili I

  one night I started dreaming of a lie down. I have a strange dream on the island, I
wanted to see now is a few minutes, but I just mention hand, see my clothes all yellow,
I was asked to lift the shoulder feathers felt confused face itch the beginning, I had my
back turned out to be a pair of wings.
  I flew with it on the wings Fly to find someone to ask this is where I saw a bird that
is on my side flew says: "I heard that we will come to a Fantasy Island Earth's little
boy, who in the end the earth is look like that? "I see where the animals could speak,
would like to ask here is where my bird next to me said:" bird, Do you know where
they are? "" You should come up from the earth is the little boy? I tell you here is a
fantasy island, fantasy island king's diviner we say that every year, children will have
an Earth expedition first came here, this is you. " "Then you know why we come to
it?" "do not know, but I can imagine, might you be doing for our future we have a
disaster or no disaster, right?" "But I only one pair of wings and a white What clothes
do not, then why should I explore? "" You go to where the king, he will help you. "So
I decided to Fly fly, fly to the palace. I finally saw the King, but King gave me the
only weapon is a bottle filled with a lot of packages, "the bottle as a sugar bomb, you
come out with one, it will become big, then lost to the target Over the past will
explode. "so I started with these things risk.
  for the first time, I met a snail, it hit me with your eyes, I thought: it must be that
monster, right? He took the bomb throwing in the past, the odd snail died. I Fly fly, he
saw a butterfly I dashed over to it non-stop hit me with the wings, I had to give it a
bomb. I had to walk a flight of fixed, this is a cat demon sprang to high pressure
scratch my body and face, can not only throw a bomb, hey, it was not dead yet another
crazy came for me, only then send it a bomb, hey finally died. I fly, "Awu -" a strange
dragon flew side after me, I thought: strange dragon so big, how it can use two bombs?
I picked up the bottle throwing in the past three or four bombs, "thundered
thundered," Long Strange died, and I was awakened by the explosion. The original
  is a dream, but this dream is the most exciting.

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