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 family temper File father

 family temper families file

 temper files Anyang City Experimental Primary School fourth grade the first six Six
third-grade classes Xuzhao Chen

  in my home, there are three martial, they are: "fierce, powerful father sent, like the
study by the broken pieces, but potential weak Mom sent, there is amiable, and never
angry grandma group "is the existence of three major parties was a result of living in
the" battle. " Now I come to you elaborate on it.
  file I: Dad sent magic: Babel earthquake
  terrorist Index: 10
  number of battles: 15
  father is really powerful, also in control of my very severe, is impatient, occurred
frequently on "combat." He was angry, the two eyeball like a drum as big as the frog's
eye, up her face, as if his head to a "King" character, more like a big lion Pompous.
Every time scared me transfixed. I remember once my father at home and watch the
game, my mother arrived home, the hands of the portfolio is not accidentally dropped
his father's feet, and my father could have been very angry, but the mother of this fuel,
Dad again start with a "jack of all trades earthquake" overawed grandmother! "How
you going, ye then to my feet a button!" Mother to be outdone: "I do not care how
friends get your feet, play! Play! Play! Do not use your feet smell bad me documents,
it is so, they wake at midnight, before it stopped.
  file 2: Mom sent magic: broken broken by
  terrorist Index: 8
  number of battles: 10
  Mom Pine is also formidable, and she made me a headache by the broken pieces
unbearable, one that looks like it angry, make me scared half to death, angry that she
mouth Waizhao, eyes wide with large, mouth talking about the pieces broken by: " %
¥¥%¥% ... ... ", frowned quickly to wrinkle the eyebrows gone, an angry" old
goats "like.
  file c: grandmother to send magic: no
  terrorist Index: 0
  number of battles: 0
  grandmother is in the main branch of one of my favorite, Granny amiable, the war
never occurred, and the messengers of peace, every mother and father arguing, she to
Quanjia to maintain calm.
  three major parties in my home two factions, angry look wonderful, "grandma send"
messengers of peace letting life is full of warmth. really it funny, fun,
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