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Fairy fairy fairy heart


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									Fairy fairy fairy mind

  fairy tale in mind Dumb Ado
  fairy tale I've read a beautiful Japanese fairy tale.
  story of a called Dumb called Ado story between two friends.
  to travel with them. Came to the beach one day and saw a sea island, the island
because they were watching the really tall tired and fall asleep. Ado night made a
fortune on the other side of the island of dreams, wake up after that it was only a
dream. Dumb heard believed her, and bought Ado dream.
  Dumb get started for the island since embarked on a dream, Ado sell dreams to go
  few years later working in the island's Dumb returned home to become the richest
man, sold a dream of Ado was a pauper.
  did not agree to listen to the story that now seems, can not help feeling: "Ado Ado
Yeah, how do you sell it your dream?"
  heart of each person has a beautiful fairy tale, out the eyes of the beautiful dream of
reach, even as a soap bubble, touched the broken; is not all dreams are never realized.
The hearts of even those who are not fairy tales, talk about how to achieve your dream?
It is not hard to imagine why the would be a pauper Ado.
  roads are for people coming out, since the heart has its own fairy tale, even if it is
then difficult to achieve, it should also be persistent in the struggle. One celebrity said:
"The reality of this shore, a dream on the other side, separated by turbulent rivers,
action is mounted on a bridge on the River." If we fight, children will become a reality.
Everyone has a dream, the individual's attitude determines the success or failure of his
  Some people dream of disapproval to others, scoffed, as the utopian dreams of others
fairy tale. You know, a good heart, like fairy tale ideal man, how precious! Ridicule
others who dream of the future, the future must be darkened, the hearts of fairy tale
and those who fought, definitely the future is bright, successful career.
  to dream of ownership in mind, and to plan the course of time, insist on fighting, I
believe       I     will    achieve      a     beautiful     fairy    tale    in     mind!
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