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					Eyes, ears, nose, mouth, ears, small master

 small eyes and ears and nose, owner

 eyes, ears, nose, mouth,

 eyes, ears, nose, mouth,
 port in Shandong Province, Jinan bucun West Central Elementary School
fourth-grade classes Jin Wang
 before the eyes, ears, nose is a very good neighbor.

  one night, eyes, ears, nose suddenly falling out. "Little master, if not me, he could
see nothing, to my credit than the both of you big!" Eyes proudly. "What kind of eyes
you something, if not me, someone to speak with the young master, young master to
hear nothing, my greatest contribution." Ear with a look of contempt, said. "What
kind of both of you, my credit before it was too! Young master If not me, what he has
heard no taste." Nose haughtily. "Small hosts are not me, it does not become blind to
it?" Ear irritation. "Small hosts are not me, not the deaf?" "Small hosts are not me, the
taste of various food smell like him too." Argued the nose.

 "I credit most."

 "I credit most."

 "I credit most."

 "... ..."

  clamoring clamoring for their ears then I thought, let us look for big mouth uncle
comments. Ear calm, saying: "quick stop, so the tragedy we have what this means, we
tell who makes the bigger, let's go to Uncle judge mouth." Eyes and nose were agreed.
They came home mouth uncle, said: "Uncle mouth, you give us judge by reason, than
that makes the bigger than anyone else." Mouth uncle said with a smile: "You each
have their own strengths but also weaknesses, should see their weaknesses, learn other
people's strengths. "eyes, ears, nose, together said:" We get it. "

 after their return, they become good neighbors. Since then, they know that should
see their own weaknesses, strengths of others to learn the truth.

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